Sam Coco Trading

Sam Coco Trading x PureZone Healthcare

✅PureZone Healthcare Antimicrobial Surface Protection has been applied to multiple high-touch surfaces such as Trolley handles, Basket Handles, Door and Fridge Handles and Commonly used surfaced. PureZone Healthcare empowers you to protect your customers from bacteria through the use of an innovative antimicrobial film. A positive initiative by Sam Coco Trading to keep the staff and customers safe from Virus and Bacteria.

🍇🍉🍊Sam Coco Trading is an independent fresh food supermarket under new management and is located at Coco’s Shopping Centre, at 310 Ipswich Road, Annerley. The store also carries other groceries, including everyday low prices on bread and milk.

🚨 PureZone Healthcare Antimicrobial Surface Protection - Reduces Coronavirus by 99.87% in 1 Hour - Reduces Bacteria by 99.9%

📲Contact us now to know more about our services and to obtain a quote. Visit our website at: Or call us at: 1800 PUREZONE (1800 787 396)

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