🚨 Calling all Medical Centres - Protection from Virus and Bacteria 🦠😷

🚨 PureZone Healthcare Antimicrobial Surface Protection

- Reduces Coronavirus by 99.87% in 1 Hour

- Reduces Bacteria by 99.9%

✅ PureZone Healthcare Antimicrobial Surface Protection has been applied to TOUCH SCREENS that are being use for Patient Self Check-In at a GP Super Clinic. A positive initiative by the Medical Centre to keep the STAFF and PATIENTS safe from Bacteria and Virus.

🙋 Why PureZone Healthcare Antimicrobial Surface Protection?

Designed for Antimicrobial protection of surfaces in areas that require a significant level of hygiene, such as public spaces, food retail, medical centres and hospitals.

24-hour preventive protection against certain bacteria thanks to the constant action of its antibacterial power to hinder their proliferation.

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